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20-600kVA Online Uninterruptible Power Supply Hot Swappable

Basic Information
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: COOLNET
Certification: CE,ISO
Model Number: CNM
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 UNIT
Price: USD 5000-30000 per unit
Packaging Details: Standard export package
Delivery Time: 10-25 working days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 300 units per month
Detail Information
Output Voltage: 380/400/415VAC,208/220Vac±1%,400V/230V Application: Telecommunications,Computer,govenment,financial,manufacture
Protection: Short Circuit,Overcurrent,Overvoltage,overload,Unbalanced Loads Type: On-line
Phase: Three Phase,Single Phase,3 Phase/ 1 Phase Capacity: 20-600kva
Product Name: Modular Ups,Uninterrupted Power Supply Display: LCD+LED,Touch Screen And Keyboard
Wave Form: Pure Sine Wave Online Ups Input Voltage: 200/208/220/230/240VAC,380/400/415VAC
Module Quantities: 2pcs-30
High Light:

20-600kVA Online Uninterruptible Power Supply


230V Online Uninterruptible Power Supply


20-600kVA uninterrupted power source

Product Description

20-600kva online modular UPS uninterruptible power supply hot-swappable


The CNM series modular UPS provides the most compact footprint of less than 2㎡ with maximum capacity of 900kVA.With best reliability and high performance, it has been leading the domesticmarket for years.
CNM series is considered to be the best power protection solution for large data centers, as well
as for sensitive electronics.

20-600kVA Online Uninterruptible Power Supply Hot Swappable 0

Modular UPS System Features


The greatest difference between a modular UPS and a traditional single-unit UPS is that it is not necessary to add an identical unit having the same capacity or replace the mainframe with one having a higher capacity when the capacity of the entire system needs to be extended, In stead the capacity be easily extended by increasing the number of modules.
It is advantageous in that: it satisfies the user’s demand for capacity extension as required in later stages.The planned investment can be “changed as required”. And the user’s investment can grow with the dynamic development of the user’s business. The cost of primary design can be reduced.


Extremely high system availability, which is ≥99.9998%1.

1.Its Mean Time between Failures (MTBF) is 1.5 times of the MTBF of the traditional UPS. Its Mean Time between Component Failures ( MTBCF) is 3 times of the MTBCF of traditional UPS.
2. Failures of a single module will not affect the normal operation of the system. The user does not have to shut down the system and wait for repair and UPS failures will not cause losses to the user.
3. Technicians that arrive at the site do not have to locate and eliminate the failure point but only have to directly replace the corresponding module. The user can even maintain the system himself if he has the required spare parts.
4. The Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) is reduced from 2-8h to less than 5 min within which the repair can be completed under the online status.
5. The simplified stock of spare pars reduces the user’s cost of use and maintenance and the prices of service contracts.
6. When the system controller fails, the UPS system can still maintain normal output without switching over to the bypass.
7. The user can maintain the system at any time and does not have to take routing inspections at regular intervals. The hidden risk of failures can be reduced.
8. Extremely high reliability and stability ensure optimal protection of the load.
9. The modular design based on a standard equipment cabinet provides more conveniences for the installation, debugging,and relocation of the system, cuts down the workload of construction design, and reduces the cost of installation.

20-600kVA Online Uninterruptible Power Supply Hot Swappable 1

♦Hot-plug performance:

The power module and monitoring & communication module of the system can be plugged in or plugged out online at will. This will shorten the time that technicians have to spend on maintenance and repairs, greatly simplify the repairing procedures, and provide more conveniences and safety of work.



All power modules in the system equally share the load of the system. Upon a failure of any module, other modules will automatically share the load of this failed module. Each module of the system can run independently. No system controller centralized control of system. An N+1~N+X redundancy system can be constructed as required, reducing the risk factors of the system itself and its load and comprehensively prolonging the duration of UPS protection of the external load.

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♦Environmental friendliness:

The total harmonic distortion (THDI) of the input of the UPS system is only 3%, which is far lower than the 33% input harmonic distortion of the 6-pulse silicon controlled rectifier of the traditional single-unit UPS and the 13% input harmonic distortion of the 12-pulse silicon controlled rectifier. Under a linear load, the output THDI is lower than 2%. The harmonic inference against the power network is minimized and the load and power losses of the power network are effectively reduced. With its excellent input parameters and characteristics of a pure resistance with respect to the commercial power network, this is an ideal pollution-free UPS which can be easily fitted to the commercial power network and generators and is close to the load-bearing capacity of the actual network.



Data Sheet

Model System CNM-100/10 CNM-150/15 CNM-200/20 CNM-250/25 CNM-300/30 CNM-500/50
Power module HM10 HM15 HM20 HM25 HM30 HM50
Capacity System power 100KVA 150KVA 200KVA 250KVA 300KVA 500KVA
Main line Connection three-phase five-wire system
Rated voltage 380/400/415VAC
Voltage range -40% to +30%
Rated frequency 50/60HZ
Frequency range 40-70HZ
Current harmonic
wave distortion
Input power factor 0.99
Bypass Rated voltage 380/400/415VAC
Voltage range -20% to +15%(other value out of this range can be set)
Rated frequency 50/60HZ
Frequency range ±1HZ, ±3HZ,±5HZ
Battery Battery cells 40 batteries(32-44 optional)
Output Connection method three-phase five-wire system
Rated voltage 380/400/415VAC
Rated frequency 50/60HZ
Voltage accuracy ±1%
Frequency accuracy 50/60HZ±0.01HZ
Voltage harmonic
wave distortion
1%(Linear load); 3%(Non-linear load)
Range of frequency
±3HZ, ±0.5HZ to ±5HZ
(other value out of this range can be set)
Peak value 3:1
Three phase accuracy 0.5°
Power factor 1.0
Overload capability 110%, switch to bypass after 3 hours;
125%, switch to bypass after 30 minutes;
150%, switch to bypass after 5 minutes
Efficiency City electriciy mode 96%
Battery mode 96%
ECO mode 98%
Machine system Wire connection method support up and down connection
Protection level IP20/IP21(optional)
Panel display LCD+LED, super big colorful touch screen
Communication interface RS232,RS485,SNMP,EPO, generator interface
Running temp. -10 to 40
Storage temp. -25 to 70
Relative humidity 0-95% with no condensation
Noise(dB) 55dB 65dB
Weight(KG) Cabinet 180 245 470
Power module 20 21 22 32 36 45
Size(W*D*H) mm Cabinet 600*900*2000 600*1100*2000 1300*1100*2000
Power module 440*590*134 460*790*134 510*700*178


Contact Details

Phone Number : +8618655172700

WhatsApp : +8618326091011