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Hefei Coolnet power Co., ltd
Hefei Coolnet power  Co., ltd Company Profile
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Hefei Coolnet power Co., ltd Company Profile
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Hefei Coolnet power Co., ltd

China Hefei Coolnet power  Co., ltd Company Profile
Hefei Coolnet power  Co., ltd
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Coolnet focuses on the R&D, production and application of data center integrated solutions. It is a service provider in the field of information infrastructure construction, with technology, products and solutions, and is committed to providing customers with products and overall solutions in the fields of communication rooms, data centers, smart city construction and energy management.


Our solutions include data center temperature, humidity and energy-saving solutions, small and medium-sized computer room temperature control solutions, modular data center solutions, micro-module cabinet solutions, container data center solutions, communication outdoor cabinet temperature control and energy saving Solutions, cabinet temperature and humidity, and energy-saving solutions.


We have rich research and manufacturing experience in the field of data center equipment, with world-class laboratories, production testing equipment and a complete line of key equipment rooms. And passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, and the products have passed CE certification, CCC certification, CQC certification, CRAA quality certification, etc.



We are committed to "pay attention to customer needs and realize customer value" and establish a win-win cooperation pattern with customers. To become your most trustworthy, most grateful, most professional, most practical, and most reliable partner with the best vision. We will "make every effort to provide value-for-money products and services to make customers more competitive", and continue to explore and innovate.





Coolnet provides customers with customized and integrated solutions for the construction of big data centers, covering equipment's supply in computer rooms (precision air conditioners, UPS power supplies, Modular data center, Smart Rack, etc.), environment monitoring software services , computer room infrastructure services, professional after-sales service and maintenance services.


China Hefei Coolnet power  Co., ltd company profile 0


China Hefei Coolnet power  Co., ltd company profile 0