Modular Data Centers Dual Row Cabinets Cold Hot Aisle With 8 Racks

Basic Information
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: COOLNET
Certification: CE,ISO
Model Number: R8
Minimum Order Quantity: 1set
Price: 1800-30000USD
Packaging Details: Packed in plywooden case, standard export package
Delivery Time: 10-25 working days
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
Supply Ability: 300 PCS PER MONTG
Detail Information
Product: Dual- Row Cabinets Cold/Hot Aisle Mounting: Floor Standing
Power Supply: 380/400 VAC,230 VAC,220V Application: Large-scale Data Centers In IDC, Large Enterprises, Financial Centers, Governments,
Rack Numbers: 8pcs Rack Power: 3KW
UPS Capacity: 2*30KVA Cooling Unit: Row Based Air Conditioning
Cooling Capacity: 2*30KW Dimension: 4400mm(L)*3600mm(W)*2300mm(H), 2600mm With Sunroof Turning
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Hot Aisle Modular Data Centers


Dual Row Modular Data Centers


Cold Aisle Modular Data Centers

Product Description

R8 Modular Data Center Dual- Row Cabinets Cold/Hot Aisle With 8 Racks

Product Introduction                                   

High efficient construction idea with modular design, it provides integrative system with the configuration of servers rack ,air condition, extinguishing and protection, wiring, power distribution, monitoring , lighting. It adopts internet technology, data and information technology to achieve the best match between power supply, cooling capacity and actual running load. The advantages are maximum efficiency, high integration, low investment cost,high usability.

COOLNET Modular Data Center is an integrative modular data center, which is developed by Coolnet, to adapt to the latest trend of global ICT industry development. It is an entity of Cloud computing technology.



  • Less construction investment
  • Rapid deployment of core working
  • Energy saving
  • Simplified running and maintenance
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Modular Data Centers Dual Row Cabinets Cold Hot Aisle With 8 Racks 1

Coolnet modular data center are mainly consist of cabinet unit, power distributionunit, cooling system unit, power supply unit, water distribution unit( option for chilled water in row type air conditioner).


♦Products Modularity

The IMDC provide modular and standardized function unit to adapt the multivariate application environment of IT industry. It can rapidly deployed and flexibly configured according to user's requirement. Standardized production, and be preassembled and entirety tested at factory, to ensure that field installation working will go smoothly.

♦Rapid and flexible
Investment growth is in accordancewith business development.
Rapid planning and design. The delivery time is advanced due to modular structure design andstandardized production. Therefore, the speed of field configuration and connection will be faster.

♦Investment growth is in accordance with business development

In the initial development, design the IT infrastructure according to actual demand, as the growth of IT demand, add module arbitrarily Reduce total investment cost,Deployment is combined with actual IT demand, it minimizes the initial construction cost.The modular UPS and Inrow precision air condition are realized the exclusive cooling and maximum electrical efficiency, it minimizes the consumption of electrical power.



1. Power supply and distribution architecture, close to heat source cooling methods, effectively reduce the module PUE value;

2. Closed channels isolate hot and cold air flows, eliminate ineffective air circulation and eliminate local hot spots;

3. Module integrated management, coordinated operation, and effectively improves the efficiency of functional module components;

4. Standardized components, de-engineering, and overall delivery;

5. Factory prefabricated and precommissioned, plug and play on site;

6. According to business development ondemand matching, rapid expansion

7. Productization of data center infrastructure to reduce the impact of construction technology and improve system reliability;

8. Product-level factory inspection to obtain higher quality assurance;

9. Strong adaptability, suitable for various on-site conditions of users;

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Air Supply Method                                         

Modular Data Centers Dual Row Cabinets Cold Hot Aisle With 8 Racks 3

Main Basic Unit Introduction                                        

Modular Data Centers Dual Row Cabinets Cold Hot Aisle With 8 Racks 4


Multi-functional cabinet developed for large, medium and small data centers. It has the advantages of sturdy structure, strong load-bearing capacity, noble and elegant and assembling structure design. Cabinet integrated three major solutions (power management solution, cable management solution, heat dissipation management solution), It can be used as a modular equipment installation infrastructure, cabinet-type power distribution cabinet, rackmounted battery box, Cabinet integrated user equipment, power distribution, UPS, battery box, and monitoring system, greatly save the equipment area in the computer room.

Aisle Containment -Modular design
Adopting modular unit design concept, each unit can be installed and disassembled independently, and can be closely connected with adjacent units, which is convenient for disassembly and assembly; at the same time, it is also suitable for maintenance and management of other equipment on the channel.
Good sealing
All unit modules in the hot and cold aisle system are connected precisely, and the parts are sealed with good sealing tops or sponge strips, which not only maintains the aesthetics, but also prevents the leakage of cold air in the cold aisle.
Good light transmission
The system is composed of toughened glass with strong light transmittance

Power Supply- Modular UPS

According to the power supply requirements of large and medium-sized data centers, a modular UPS solution has been introduced, which can be flexibly configured with 80-300kVA modular UPS according to the customer's system power supply requirements. The module adopts advanced high-frequency switching technology, fully digital DSP control technology and the world’s leading active PFC and LLC topologies to achieve high input power factor, accurate output current sharing performance, and reliable monitoring and management system. The equipment provides safe, reliable and pure AC power.

Cooling System - In Row Air Conditioning Unit

Inverter In Row air conditioners are tailor-made high-density cabinets, adopts advanced frequency conversion technology and uses the environmentally friendly refrigerant R410A. The output cooling capacity is adjusted in real time according to the change of the detected load, to avoid frequent start and stop, and to ensure the temperature of the computer room environment.
Compared with fixed frequency air conditioners, the annual energy saving rate of variable frequency inter-train air conditioners can reach 29%

Monitoring System

The monitoring system system has the characteristics of simple configuration, strong access, and high reliability. It can manage all power, environment, and cooling in data center, integrate mainstream brand access control, video and other security systems, through distributed collection, high concurrent processing capabilities Meet the needs of networked monitoring and management of multiple computer rooms, allowing data center operation and maintenance personnel to control the operation safety of the computer room in real time.

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Modular Data Centers Dual Row Cabinets Cold Hot Aisle With 8 Racks 6

Technical Specification                                          

Equipment System Item Parameter
System Dimension 1200mm enclosed cold/hot aisle dual-row cabinets
    1200mm enclosed cold/hot aisle Single-row cabinets
  Rack Quantity Dual Row Racks:≤48,Single Row Racks:≤24
Rack Dimensions 600mm(W)*1200mm(D)*2000mm(H), can be customerized,42U
  Protection Class IP20
Enclosed Aisle Skylight 300mm / 600mm wide turning skylight,Flat roof skylight,Fixed skylight
Power Supply and Distribution Dimension 600mm(W)*1200mm(D)*2000mm(H)
  UPS Power Supply 380VAC/400VAC/415VAC(3Phase 5Wire),50/60Hz,PF=0.99
  Battery 40AH~240AH/12V Valve Regulated Lead Acid Battery
Cooling Indoor Unit Size 300mm(W)*1200mm(D)*2000mm(H),600mm(W)*1200mm(D)*2000mm(H)
  Cooling Capacity Cooling:20~40KW,Chilled water :20~70KW,Chilled water :20~70KW
  Power Supply 3Phase 380VAC,50Hz
  Air Supply Front Supply
  Type Enclosed Hot/Cold Aisle
  Protection IP20
Monitoring System Monitoring Temperature and humidity, smoke detection, smart access control, camera, water leakage alarm
  Equipment monitoring Power supply, battery, power distribution, air conditioning



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Factory Details                                                

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Parking & Delivery                                                    

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